Should I worry that girlfriend has past hookups friends with benefits as friends on facebook, instagram, phone number, whatsapp?

I don't like this, I told her about she says it's her past and she won't delete them because it doesn't matter, she says it's her social media her choice she does what she wants, she's with me and she said I should trust her. As for me, I don't have past hookups, exes on facebook instagram, neither phone numbers so I'm not comfortable with this. Am I right to see this as a red flag? Deal breaker? Does she keep those guys as a Back-Up plan in case things doesn't work out with me?


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  • Nope, You can not control who she chooses to be friends with. If you can't get over her past and friends that's your own insecurity issues and you shouldn't put that on her.


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  • Have you ever heard the phrase "never wife the slut" Yeah! and don't get attached just pump and dump man , PUMP AND DUMP!

    • P. S don't let anyone tell you that ur just insecure cause chicks on gag try to shame and guilt trip guys like you by saying sh*t like that HOLD YOUR HEAD HIGH AND either hit it and quit it or simply quit it your call