She won't answer my text! What do I do?

I told her I like her and she hasn't answered in two days! The suspense is killing me!!!


Most Helpful Girl

  • She is not interested. You should move on.

    • Not easy when you've been crushing for 2 years

    • You don't want those 2 years to turn into 4 or 5 or 6. You need to persuade yourself that you're better off without her.

    • Alright.

Most Helpful Guy

  • There's only two possible things possible. Either you left her gobsmaked leaving her don't know what to say or she doesn't like you


What Girls Said 2

  • Oh someone is in my position. Forget her.

    • Not really that easy for me

    • I've been crushing on this guy for so long too and he hasn't responded to my message. So fuck them both

  • how did you ask her? text to her phone number? social media?

    • Social media

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    • maybe you should tell her in person or text her using her number

    • I used instagram, and she's never home until like 11 so not really much chance there

What Guys Said 1

  • She probably doesn't know what to say or she doesn't like you back and didn't answer. That's why I think that these things should be said in person, texts are only the last option.

    • Have to agree here. You should of said it in person. I've made the same mistake and it didn't end well (I don't talk to her anymore), I'd give it another day and make conversation about something different. Let her be the one the bring it up.