Red flags or nothing to worry about?

So I've been dating this girl for 6 months now. She does some things that I consider unfair, but want to know if they are red flags, or if I am overreacting.
Here's a short list:
1) Goes out and gets drunk with a bunch of her friends - many are guys. Never invites me because she doesn't think I'd want to go.
2) Invites one of her male friends to events/functions, never invites me... same reason as 1 (e. g. She got tickets to a local art show and a pair for a concert... she invited her male friend to both, and never asked me).
3) Ends our nights together early because she is "tired," has "work to do," and wants to be in bed by a certain time. All 3 times that she did this, I found out she stayed up past that time and hung out with some other guys. She even did this on a night where we were celebrating my promotion, and she promised we could spend the whole evening together (we agreed to spend time together from 4 p. m. to 1 a. m... instead, we met at 7, and she wanted to call it a night by 10).

I pretty much feel like I'm not at all a priority to her.


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  • There may be something going on between her and those guys, cause I would extremely suspicious if my partner was doing those kinds of things. You are not a priority in her life.

    • Yeah, I think so too. I tried ending things and she wanted to try to make things work. 3 days later, she started acting the same.

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  • Bang her best friend. Record it. Sent it to your girlfriend. Dump your girlfriend. Do those steps in any order that you wish. At least that's what I'd do lmao. Either way, you need to drop her and soon. She's obviously not wanting to be around you and she is lying to you. Need I say more? P. S. Bang her best friend.


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  • Darling of you are not married to her dump her! Don't let her treat you like that.


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  • Don't waste your time mate.

  • Do what@ThunderPhase says