What's your usual tinder/dating site opening message?

If you have one what is it and how successful is it? I have one that I use that has a 100% success rate (I've used it around 25 times). It's actually so good that I only use it when I really want to get a reply because I don't want people finding out about it and using it too which will make it lose its charm. I'm actually afraid of girls screen-shoting it and putting it on the web for it to blow up online. Literally every girl that I use it on tells me that it's the best first message they've ever received and it's such a stupid message too.


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  • "How cute aren't you?".

    I've never had anyone not respond to that.


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  • people actually use tinder?

    • Yea why not lol? I literally got 2 numbers off of it today and that's usually the norm. If you're decent looking and have game it becomes pretty easy to find girls and if you're a girl you just have to not be ugly. I'm a dude and I can pretty much guarantee to get at least one date a week and best part is that you're both looking for something casual so you just go on a date and you bang. What's not to like?