Is boyfriend WASTING MY TIME?

My boyfriend of 2 years and I live together. We fought in the past, and broke up off and on. But things have been going well. He tells me that he wants to get married (he knows just how much I want to), but I see how lazy he is in life... and I am worried that it is just words and I am wasting my time. What should I do?


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  • There's no nearly enough information here. What do you mean when you say that he's lazy in his life?

    Here's the thing though... if you think it's just words, then it probably is. You know him better than almost anyone else in the world and if that's your concern, you're probably right. You're probably not crazy and you're probably not stupid (most people aren't) so if you feel these things about him, it's probably for good reason.

    • I mean to say that he is not passionate in his work, he is too lazy to shower, talks a lot and does nothing... but I feel like he does care about me. Just don't wanna waste another 2 years figuring out that he isn't going to commit :(

    • Ok... I guess I'm just worried that you're not thinking about everything. Like if he committed, yet continued to be a crappy worker, not shower, and do nothing, would you still want to be with him? I agree with @madgirl220k -- find someone else and it has nothing to do with whether or not he's going to commit.

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  • Yes he is same experience here , I met someone in high school and we were together for 2 years when I turned 18 I moved in with him , he just was using me and his lazyness never got him a job ! Find someone else ;)

    • You know, I wish women would explain why they date guys like this. The nanny that I hire to help me with my girls dates one of those jobless guys who constantly has a job lined up, yet somehow sticks her with all the rent and utilities every month. Every other week she tells me how they just got in a big argument and if he get a job by Wednesday, they're done. Then the following week, they're doing great and he just started a new job (which always turns out to be untrue).


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  • If you break up on and off, on things are now on the on again I think you should wait until you are "on" for a longtime. 2 years isn't much and you have a lifetime to get married. Make sure you are right for each other so a divorce doesn't happen 5 years down the line because of moving way too fast on relationship far from perfect.


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