My ex crush likes my best friend?

So I used to like this guy a lot for a very long time (3 years) but I lost interest in him this year though I still have a small thing for him. I knew that he used to like me but now he likes my best friend and she likes him and she wants my permission to go out with him but I don't know what to say because I have a feeling I'll get really hurt if I see them together but at the same time it's her that he likes and there's nothing I can really do.


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What Guys Said 1

  • I think you are well within your rights to voice your concern over it. If your best friend knew that you liked him for that long and he liked you he should be out of bounds for her. There are literally millions and millions of guys out there for her to choose from. It will change your friendship with her and she knows that. If she doesn't care about that then she might not be as good a friend as you think. I always draw a line in the sand (and expect my friends too) with girls that my friends have been into, gone out with, tried to go out with.

    It comes down to how much you liked him, how far you guys went with it and how close you are with your best friends.


What Girls Said 1

  • He's no longer your crush and both of them like each other. You should stop thinking only about yourself. Your friend did the right thing by asking your permission to go out with him. You should let her go out with him.