She refused the date in a weird way. What do you think about it?

So there is this girl at school (it's a technical school specialized in mechanics so almost no girls around) that is cute and like 2 weeks ago i said hi to her just passing by the hallway, she seemed surprised and gave me a smile but no answer, next thing i know she just disappears, i thought maybe i had scared her off and just forgot about it, but yesterday we met at the bar and she slides to my side, so i start talking to her, obviously, just a couple of minutes (what's your name, why did you come to this school, etc) told her she was nice (she really was) and told her i was going for a smoke, she teased me about addiction and i teased her back "i don't trust people without addictions" i said then. Today at lunch i went to talk to her and asked her out, since it's a big weekend and all, and she flat out refuses in a weird way, she was nervous as can be talking really fast, saying she only has "good" addictions and also that she already has stuff, weirdly she seemed very happy (or amused) as she refused the date. I just smile as i was being crushed with surprise by how ruthless she was (and i usually get out there so i'm acostumed to getting a no, this girl was reeeeeeally ruthless let me tell you), also i don't know her age but i'm sure i'm older than her, around 4 years or smth like that.

What's you take on this? Could this be her playing hard to get? Just testing to see my interest level? Or is she just not into me?


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  • I think she enjoys your company as a friend, but she is not interested in dating you.


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  • You know, it's hard to tell but smoking can be a deal breaker to a lot of people. If you're not a smoker and you kiss a smoker, it's like the worst thing ever. Anyway, I would give it one more go on asking her out and if she turns you down again, then definitely let this one go.

    By the way, maybe you should try vaping? I hear that it doesn't leave any detectable odor.

  • She's not into you and she is an attention whore who just likes flirting with you. Move on.