Girls, Girls would you believe a guy if he said he couldn't get a girlfriend?

Like every girl is taken

Thanks again


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  • Get a hobby and meet more then...

    • Ok I could get a hobby but it's not gonna change the fact they aren't into me

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    • I've seen you before, your not ugly... the only thing that probably kills it for you si your self esteem... I am attracked by body language so if someone is insecure about something its normally hard to pick up on and unattractive.

    • go once to a really nice hair place have them work with you and figure out what will best work with your features then take a picture then go to a cheaper place to recreate it later. Change somethign see if that helps you will your appearence and like I said find somethign your good at... should help your body lanuage when people are happy and comfortable it shows.


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  • Yeah, it's a tough job! Many people are single, so it's no surprise to me! Shoot. I'm single and have been all of my life. I'm always on the lookout for a relationship though and flirt etc. But it's a lot of work! Don't give up though, you'll award find someone if you keep looking :)

  • yeah

    • Yeah I'm 25 and I firmly believe there are so single girls left

    • There are no single girls left