What should I do with my love life?

I can't get any girls to talk to me let alone get far enough to date me. The thing is I have no idea what to do. I have confidence, I seize opportunities , I got out to town and public and I innate conversations with girls but I'm just usually ignored. So recently This girl had said we would hang out and was able to convince myself she would actually do it. However she texted me at the last minute and canceled and rescheduled for today but has not messaged me at all and probably won't. Anyways I want to give up but i feel if i do I'lll become a neet shut in and I think that if I do not give up I'll become a bitter asshole someday. I'm lost and I don't know what to do, does anyone have any advice


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  • It might seem hopeless at the moment but you don't need to give up. It'll take time to find someone who is actually worth it and who thinks you're worth it. Maybe don't worry so much about it and focus on doing other things that make you happy like hanging out with your friends or your family. You may end up finding love when you're not looking for it :)


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  • You might wanna relax a bit, no need to give up just yet, you're super young, as to why girls are not interested, I don't know, maybe you give this "needy" vibe, i can't say for sure, something I do know is that girls know when you're desperate, so be casual and don't overthink it

    • Thank you. Also can they tell when I feel desperate even if I try my hardest not to act so. Like I ignore women who treat me like shit at least for a bit anyways and I don't instantly respond unless we've been talking for a bit. I even match how they talk to me (when they do that is) ie: one word responses from her mean the same from me.