Why can I not get a single Tinder match?

I am at the very least decent looking, have a good job, and even a sweet car, I try to be humble, and STILL I can't even get a mutual like out of the seemingly hundreds of girls I've given a like to.

Now on a dating site I am on, I got one mutual like but I have to pay to see who it is (dumb) and it also says another 60 girls liked me, but even then it doesn't tell you who.

So I know that I'm at least like-able, why in the world can't I just attract the right attention?


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  • Don't want to hurt your confidence dude, but a lot of those dating sites that tell you you've got x number of girls who like you and you just need to pay to see who they are, they're fake. They're fake accounts set up to try to get you to pay. Not saying that is the case here, but it's not uncommon.

    As for Tinder, there could be multiple reasons. Your job and your car, do not have any relevance on tinder so don't try and sell it on there. Try to mention your job or show off your car in your profile and you'll look like you're compensating for insecurities. Tinder is pretty much 95% at least based on how you look. You said you're decent looking so you should be right, the main thing I'd be looking at are the quality of your pictures, you need to sell yourself in your pictures but it needs to look natural. You can look up some guides on the best tinder pictures for men.

    You should get likes, it really isn't that hard. Just focus on the pictures and make sure there's nothing in your bio that could turn girls off, it would have to be pretty extreme if you're good looking. I don't bother with bios when I go on Tinder, I know they're only really interested in my pictures anyway.

  • Get off of Tinder..

  • you gotta be an asshole bro thats how you get girls offa tinder