Will a virgin girl be good in bed if she is very active and is not a dead fish?

if she enjoys being with you and can use her hands and mouth properly what else she should do

  • she will still be bad in bed
  • she will be good in bed in that case
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  • Just because a girl isn't a dead fish in bed doesn't make her good and just because a girl is a virgin doesn't make her bad. Glad to see that there are still some virgins out there.

    • what else should a girl do?

    • Learn from some pornos, if you want specifics. But being enthusiastic is probably the best thing you can do.


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  • Being good in bed is mostly about attitude. Wanting to be good in bed is like 90% of actually being good in bed. The people who are terrible in bed are the people who think they know everything and don't pay attention to their partner.

  • Virginity and being good in bed aren't really that related. Honestly most people don't improve all that much in bed unless they are really super clueless before having sex. If you want to know what to do watch more sensual porn videos where the actors/actresses aren't acting like a bunch of awkward creeps.


What Girls Said 2

  • None of that is even relevant. Its not about being good or being bad. Its about the experience you share with each other, and for both to learn and to grow to build on that foundation. Only sexually miserable people focus on wither or not its good or bad and those who were active before marriage. Your attitude towards sex is what's going to matter. Not wither or not your a virgin physically. But mentally and in your heart. Because there plenty of stories of those who waited and were miserable and those who did wait and flourished. Its the mentality of both partners.

  • just enjoy it
    if you enjoy it and make him know
    he ll enjoy it as well
    don t over think it