Has anyone had a dream about meeting and dating a person you don't know out of the dream?

i had a dream that i met a guy that i thought was cute and we started talking and then dating. i have no idea who this guy was but i wish it was real.


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  • If you mean celebrities, then yeah - I have. But if you are talking a complete stranger (someone that I don't know or is not famous), then I can't say I have - I don't think.


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  • Yes, even a person I have never once seen before. However sometimes dreams are what they are, dreams. There is prophetic dreams, dreams in general, or information getting sorted out subconsciously. It doesn't mean that is what will happen. It means that your longing for a relationship with somebody and your getting your expectations too high.


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  • May be that Guy is on the other side of your world.. How does he look like?

    • all I remember is brown hair and I think pushed back

    • Do you believe in "The Legend Of The Red Thread"? You can never escape from your heart. So it is better to listen to what he has to say to you---Paulo Coelho , "The Alchemist". Eastern tells a legend that people destined to meet have a red thread tied on their fingers at the time of birth. The thread is stretched to infinity but it never breaks till you find your soulmate. This thread decides your future and guides you to your soul. No matter how long the distance and time taken , you will find your soul mate.

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  • Our brains can't make up faces. You've already seen this guy at the street or at some movie. You don't remember it cause we see hundreds of people everyday but he is in your subconscious

    • ok.. then is there a reason that I had a dream about dating him (sometimes my dating dreams come out true in some way)

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    • Well, if we only saw what we like we would never have bad dreams

    • well I've had dreams about the guy I love several nights in a row too