Confused about his intentions?

I met this guy through a friend of mines. Ever since we met, there's been attraction there for of us. At the time, he was going through a break up. Then he started opening up to me, telling me about what he's going through. We started to become close, but then afterwards he was being weird. I found out that his ex has been messing with his head, giving him hopes that they will get back together; it was never the case...
but what confuses me is this one time I ask him if he could come get me out of town? which is a 2 hours drive. He said yes, and came and got me. Then another time I asked him again to come get me, 2 hours away again.. And he did. Then after awhile I started to notice that he would be mean to me, and I didn't know why? Then I found out that he has mood swings, which is understandable. But then one day things are okay with us, and then another day , he would talk to me like he hates me. But, I found out that he was being this way because of his ex. So there are days where I feel like he likes me, then the next I feel like he doesn't want anything to do with me. He told me once that I'm a beautiful and attractive girl. Then one weekend we were at the same friend place that we know and hung out there all weekend.
Whenever I asked him for a favor, he always says yes. But when his ex, get his hopes up, he's mean and different towards me. I want to tell him how I really feel, cause he knows somewhat that i like him. We have a lot in common as well.
What should I do?


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  • He sounds like a keeper... Good luck


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  • First of all he was probably rude with you because although he agreed to come and get you two hours away he probably felt some resentment. Perhaps you wasn't given him the kind of appreciation that he wanted for such a gesture.

    Secondly, if you really want to be with him I think you need to give him space and time to heal from his past reationship and not put your feelings on him because it's likely to push him away having to deal with so many emotions at one time.

    You could very easily end up getting hurt here dear, protect yourself and don't rush things.

  • if he's still contacting his ex there is feelings there. be careful thats all i can say. i was that "ex" before. i broke up with him and kinda strung him along.. mean ik. but he started seeing this girl... she thought she could have sex and shed have him.. which was fine w/e lol but... if i asked him anything... to blow off work... to blow off friends... hed do it. all im saying is be careful. clearly she's still in his head.. dont get too attached until she's gone. hope this helps

    • hed always say lets get back together... i could say anything to manipulate him. i prob messed with his feelings a lot... turns out he was a real jerk anyhow maybe why i did it... anyhow just be careful 😊