I really like my boyfriend but I feel like I moved on too fast and it hurts?

My lover had a stroke and moved down to L. A to be near family. I told him that i moved on from him and he said he was happy for me. If you know my story i was completely in love with my Lover, even if he was way older than me. I had no idea that he would come back nor did i know if he'd still be in love with me after, and i certainly couldnt take the lonely days, so i got myself a man. But now after seeing him i feel super sad, he says i shouldn't, but i really do. Advice?

My ex lover also told me that i needed someone who was a better fit for me


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  • It's healthy to move on, don't feel so bad. I'm sure your ex is happy for you, given the circumstances. You deserve to be happy


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  • From someone who understands the backstory to this, I must say from my perspective you have made the right choice in this situation. I realize you are hurting, because of the relationship you lost, but after all that has occurred, where you are at in this point in your life is better for you overall, then attempting to live in the past with what you had. And your ex-lover as the right of this. Trust not only in what he’s telling you, but what I’m agreeing with here. You should focus on this moment, here and now, and the relationship you’re developing with the current individual you’re with. Don’t belittle what you’re gaining, but trying to recapture what you may have held before with your former lover. Actually give the person you’re with an honorable chance to build something with you, without having to combat the ghost memory of the past you still hold a candle for. That’s my bottom line.

  • I don't know the details of your story but it sounds like he is letting you go for your own sake. It may hurt short term but will probably be for the best in the long term. To be harsh you are 23 and he is old enough to have had a stroke, very generous and magnanimous of him to think of you and set you free.


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