This is going to sound really embarrassing, but I have major butterflies and I don't know if this normal?

I haven't ever had a boyfriend simply because my small city is full of the hardcore party type boys and I wasn't interested though many asked me out. I've had a lot of crushes but ultimately there was always something about them that put me off. Well, I finally met a guy who has his life together and I had a crush. We started hanging out every week or so and while on a walk, I was pretty cold and he noticed. He reached for my hand and intertwined our fingers and we walked the distance of the distance holding hands and talking. So the thing is, I couldn't sleep at ALL last night because I couldn't stop thinking about it and getting all blushed and nervous, it's really embarrassing! I was even anxious the whole evening with him, a nervous wreck and thought I was making a fool of myself. If this normal? It feels like instead of butterflies, I have dragons in my stomach. Maybe it's because I haven't done anything with a guy before, I don't know. I feel worried that I'll never be able to be myself around him because I get so nervous and don't want to mess up etc. Has this happened to anyone else before too? :( How do I not be so nervous! Luckily I don't think he can tell that my heart feels like it'll beat out if my chest and I'll die etc., so at least there's that :)


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  • Lol if he likes you as much as you like him then there's nothing to be nervous about. Just be yourself and everything will be fine. You're probably nervous Because you never put ur feelings out there for a guy before. And that's normal. But you know sometimes u have to take risks. Some risks can be rewarding and in terms of taking a shot with a guy that u really like. Taking the risk can be very rewarding in the end if he's as good as u want him to be.

    • Thank you for this! I'm really struggling to act "normal" around him haha, I'm such a nervous mess... it makes me feel like I'll never feel comfortable :( my heart's still beating fast over yesterday, I think I'm abnormally anxious 🙁

    • Well when he's your boyfriend and you two are happy, then u will be glad that you took the risk. Overcome your fears and step out of your comfort zone. We all have to do that someday.

    • Thank you! ☺️

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  • I don't think that's unusual! I think he's interested and that's a good thing! Good luck!


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  • If you are sure he likes you back then just confess to him.

    • Oh he definitely likes me, 100%, but I feel like fainting when he does something romantic with me because thousands of butterflies make me nervous :( I can't imagine confessing, I would probably be tomato red for days! I'm not sure what to do exactly :/

    • Don't hold your feelings in you, let them out)

  • A lot of guys feel the same way but since you're a girl it's ok because guys won't look at it as a bad thing and don't worry you'll get used to him soon enough and be able to relax

    • Really? He acts so comfortable and confident, while I feel like a mess! I hope I can get used to it soon too, thank you ><

    • Well he is the confident one and not nervous in this scenario but I get like you if I I'm really attracted to them and hope it doesn't show

    • I know what you mean, it can be nerve racking. Thanks for the feedback!

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