Help! My boyfriend has another girlfriend?

My boyfriend and I have been together for about 8 months. We met online and there was an instant connection. We both agreed after the first week to take our profiles down and focus on us and seeing where this went. We spent a lot of time together, enjoy each other's company and families and friends. It just feels right, he makes me laugh, he's supportive and listens to me, he's romantic and the sex is off the charts amazing. I know that he is the only man that I want to be with and don't care to date around.

Problem is he bumped. into an ex girlfriend from years ago about a month ago. They started texting and now he's seeing her. What's strange to me is our relationship just keeps getting better. instead of him pulling away and spending more time with her, he seems to be now splitting all his free time between the two of us. He sees me one night and her the next. I actually found out about her when we bumped into each other and he was out with her. He felt horrible. Appologized and said she was just someone he knew from years ago. She's texting him that she loves him and is in it for real this time. I'm not sure what to do. He hasn't acknowledged to me that he's seeing someone else on a regular basis. Do you think eventually he will decide which one of us he wants to be with? I mean how long can he keep this up? I'm sure she doesn't know about me either.


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  • I presume if neither of you does anything he'll just keep seeing everyone.


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  • Omg for real. I'm sorry this is actually happening to you dear. No one likes being in a two way relationship because simply, how is the man going to commit? I believe you should have a talk with his ex and figure out what's going on. If things go well, I think you should decide amongst the both of you a solution. If you're seeking commitment and perhaps, marriage, it appears that this guy you're dating now isn't too suited for it.


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  • Are you okay with this? I mean did you guys discuss that it was going to be open or were you guys already exclusive? Cuz if so then he's a cheating scum. If not then, tell him to make his decision cuz he's basically stringing you both along. If you still wanna see him for whatever reason and don't mind he's hooking up with her too, then you should also date around. Don't keep all your eggs in one basket for a man that can't promise you the same. You deserve better.

  • Stop seeing him. You're allowing him to have his cake and eat it. I've always said that if someone has to choose between me and someone else I would rather they didn't choose me. But since you said you want to be with him I don't think being his doormat while he dates someone else is the best way to go about it. Maybe when he hasn't got you anymore he will realise that he has to choose one of you. And if that's not you then you find someone else who deserves you.