Long distance SO came home but didn't tell me.. I saw on Facebook.. what should I do?

So backstory he is 22 and I'm 21. We have been together for 5 months but known eachother for longer. 2ish months ago he moved a hour and half away for his last year of school and I got to school in both of our hometowns.
He came home about 4 weeks ago and we went to dinner and hung out and everything was fine. about 3 weeks ago he came home for Thanksgiving (we are Canadian so it's early for those who don't know) he went to his family dinner but didn't make time to see me because I had family stuff and when I suggested time he said he had to much school work so he needed to drive back.. I forgave him after being pissed for a bit.
Anyways flash forward 2 weeks to this past weekend he came home this past weekend to go to a Halloween party with his friends. He didn't even tell me he was home!!! AND WE TEXTED Saturday AFTERNOON.. you think he could have mentioned it!! BUT NO I saw tagged photos of him at the party today. I don't know if he thought I was too busy since i worked nightshifts Saturday and Sunday night (7pm to 7am ) but if I knew he was home I would have made a hour or two to grab coffee and see eachother.

Is he leading me on? debating calling him out on it but i don't want to cause and argument but I also feel like he doesn't care about me because there is very little effort being put in.

Sincerely - confused and heartbroken.


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  • At the best, it doesn't sound as if he is very interested; much worse, he may have found another girlfriend. Perhaps you should call him and say, "We've had some fun so far but I really want someone who wants to be with me as much as I want to be with them. I understand that LDR is not easy, but if you are not interested in a relationship with me, please let me know so that I can move on."


What Girls Said 2

  • " I forgave him after being pissed for a bit."

    Forgave him for what? Wanting to go back and make sure he was caught up on his school work and rested before classes started? Get over yourself.

    Also, maybe he just wanted time with his friends. He doesn't have to see you every time he comes to town. Honestly, 90 minutes isn't far away. If you want to see him, why don't you go to him sometimes and make it far? You sound a bit prissy to me. And, no, it doesn't sound like he's leading you on. Sounds like he's busy trying to make space in his life for everyone and still get his schoolwork done.

  • I need more information. Does he text you, call you and give you just as much attention as before? If so then you have nothing to worry about but yeah mention that he should have told you and you wanted to spend time with him. Confront the matter in a more loving way rather than an angry way.