No sign of a relationship. Did I do the right thing?

My guy friend (rick) and I have decided to take things to the next level. We were friends for 6 months. When he first met me I had a boyfriend and I was talking to him. He found out from someone else that I had a boyfriend and we stopped talking and focus on being friends. After my boyfriend and I broke up 3 months later Rick and I started talking.

We were talking for two months with no sign of moving towards a relationship. We doing everything a relationship entail but there no title. He doesn’t like me talking to other guys or going to clubs BUT were not together so Im free to do so. 2 days ago I asked why were not together he said “You want to move in a year, I don’t trust you because you had a boyfriend when I met you, We want different things out of life and your faith is different then mine.” I said all things you knew before we started talking, it just sound likes excuses to me SO we should be friends, I feel this is a waste of time”

He agreed, than called me last night just to make small talk. He said “I just wanted to talk to you” I told him I was out he said “Oh your out…. you should be its Friday….. well im let you go.”

Next day I asked him about work and he ignored me.


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  • Sounds like he wanted you only when he couldn't have you since you had a boyfriend at that time. Now that you are available, his interest is gone. Weird, eh?


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