How long to wait to contact after first date?

How long do you guys wait to contact a girl after a very good first date (making out and obvious that you're both into each other)? Lets say you've already planned a second date at the end of the first date and have already texted her after the date saying you had a good time and goodnight. How long do you wait until you make contact again?
Ladies, what do you expect and when do you start getting annoyed if he doesn't contact you?

I had my second date with her last night. It went well and she left this morning for work. I like this girl, she's sweet and cuddly and since I'm the same it's leefect. Also, I can tell that she really likes me.


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What Girls Said 1

  • I would say the next day tbh. Well I would start getting annoyed if he did not contact me after 1 week cuz I would expect him after a week to be uninterested in me. I expect him to say hey how are you? And when and where do you want to meet up again?".


What Guys Said 2

  • Next day. I'd normally send her a good morning text, but since you sent a good night one, I'd send her a text either midday asking how work is going or send her an early evening text asking how her workday went.

    • meh the date was 2 nights ago, I'll just text her today

  • Just ask the next day how the date was. Then judge by her answers.

    • I texted her today (2 days after 1st date) and all is good. Inwas never worried that the date didn't go well, I already know she's really into me.