Is she into me?

I just recently started talking to this long time friend from HS. We once got a little serious and dated for awhile but that was kid stuff and we were mainly very good friends. We were both very big flirts and always teased each other but one time she (seriously) told me I missed a chance to get with her. Well, when we started talking again we instantly picked it right back up and I ask her if she would like to hang out and catch up when I get home for the summer and she seemed really excited ( used 3 ! in one sentence lol) and she said yea of course. So my question is, is she really into me and this could go somewhere because I think I would like to date her now which would be easier because were going to be in the same area this summer (the beach) or should I look for other possibilities?


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  • Meet up again and if it feels like you can pick up where you left off - go for it :) Obviously she likes you if she wants to hang out. Beyond that? You'll just have to make the first move to find out. But it sounds pretty positive to me ~

  • I think she's definately into you! A girl normally tries to calm herself down when talking to a guy she likes, and the fact that she used 3 exclamation points means she was pretty dang excited on the other end of the phone. Lol. This relationship could definately go some where. :) Good Luck! Hope I helped.


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