Do Women Deserve This?

My entire life I have been ignored, pushed to the side, and not seen as a viable mate by women. I was born into a poor family, and haven't had much my whole life. I was also a shy nerdy kid in school that always got bullied. Women and men alike made fun of me and hurt my both emotionally and physically from elementary to the end of high school. However, the tables have slightly turn in college. Although women still mock me and see me as a nonviable mate because I am still poor, I work diligently and get good grades in all my classes. I have chosen to double major in the very difficult fields of mathematics and physics because I think the end payoff will be bigger. All this time being treated as an inferior male not worthy of love and intimacy by women has made me hate them. My plan is to finish college undergrad in both of my disciplines, then advance to medical school, then take out a little revenge on women in general. Women will want to be with me because I will have money by then, and I plan to use women for sex and discard them like trash for all the past emotional and psychological pain they have wrought upon me.


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  • b*tch please. cry me a f*ckin river. i've been treated that way by men for most of my life, and you don't see me belly aching, running around plotting some stupid revenge. you just move on. i can honestly tell you that the things that have been done to me by men, especially older men, are enough to make me destroy the entirety of the male species. but i'm not a psycho, and you don't have to be either. there is so much more value in love than hate. just move on.


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  • The course of action that you propose is dishonourable and would make you an arsehole.
    Given that most young females have an attraction to bad boys and arseholes, in the manner of a moth to a flame, you will probably do well.
    My suggestion would be to not do what you propose.
    Conduct yourself with honour, ethics and dignity.
    Descending into a pit of slime will not make you a better person, or happier.

    • I'd rather be an asshole or misogynist than some nice guy.


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  • So you are going to become the evil that caused your past pain? I don't think it is a good idea. The best revenge is to show off how well you are doing without them. Find a girl who likes you for you. I hope you are not going into the medical field for money. I'm Pre-Med and a double major too. I hope you choose medicine for the right reasons.

    • Yes, I was caused a lot of pain and I am going to exact some of it. I don't care it if it makes a bad person, I want to show women the hurt and pain that they have showed me through lack of affection.

  • I like French fries.

  • ... Or just use your money to get fit and stylish, travel, and have fun, actually enjoyable no strings sexual experiences with interesting people without all the hatey baggage.

  • This question is fucked up. What is wrong with you?

    • Who's the psycho that downvoted

    • Good, I want it to be fucked up, I want you and others to know I am going to use and abuse women the most I possibly can. Maybe you should treat the poor nerd in the corner that is constantly abused and ridden down upon a little bit better.

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  • Your bitterness and anger are things women can smell a mile away. Even if you were rich and handsome, your heart is ugly.

  • Sounds like a good plan. Just don't get a case of Feelz and screw it up.

  • are you going through depression?

    don't let the mind take over you.

    everyone is different with different personalities.

    it's impossible that everyone is the same.

    there are good people in this world.

    you just haven't found them.

    i think you are not letting go off the past and you might have depression that is taking over your life

    • I had the same though, re depression.

    • @cth96190 unfortunately depression heals on its own just like with anything unless the mind has some kind of mental illness like boderline or bipolar.

      the only way to really handle depression is too get distracted such as doing things that you enjoy doing such as taking walks, watching tv just anything but if other mental illness are in the way forget it depression will be harder to treat without the help off a professionnal and they give pills to protect themselves while pills just create dopamines and give false happiness because once the pills are gone the brain depends on those chemicals to produce dopamines. its very complicated

  • Wow... Life is to short to be pissed of. I figured out that when life sucks either accept it or end it. Seeing as I'm not dead I accepted in