Girls, have you ever asked out guys before?

Even if you've asked out a guy once, but they usually ask you out, then vote yes.

  • Yes I have - Usually ended up in a relationship with him and/or got a date.
    38% (6)8% (1)24% (7)Vote
  • Yes I have - Usually got rejected.
    0% (0)0% (0)0% (0)Vote
  • Never - The guy always does the asking out.
    25% (4)0% (0)14% (4)Vote
  • Never - Never been in a relationship and/or been on a date.
    31% (5)0% (0)17% (5)Vote
  • Other answer (comment below)
    6% (1)0% (0)3% (1)Vote
  • I'm a guy/Results
    0% (0)92% (12)42% (12)Vote
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I did but they made excuses. Just a "polite" way to say no 😓 Probably will never do it again unless I got a feeling they like me back


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  • If you like someone and wanna see them, go ask them out. Chances are they miss you too and wanna see you. Take your chances. Life is short to beat around the bush.

  • I haven't but I would

  • I don't ask guys out because I'm scared of rejection... And well with my fwbfwb one time we got on a fight and he said he was thinking of asking me out and when we got in another fight a month later he said he'll never date me and we stopped talking but we are back again... I don't really know if I should ask him out...


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