Where to put my hands while cuddling?

So I was cuddling with my boyfriend a few days ago and I was holding one of his hands and my other hand was resting on top of his arm and my head was resting on his shoulder. I kind of stroked his arm some and then i just had my hand on his chest. Where else could I put my hand? And what could I do with it like stroke his chest or something? 😂 lol and by the way I don't want any answers like " his dick" or anything because I'm not really ready for it to be that sexual lol. And if we are spooning (and I'm the little spoon) what do I do with my hands then? I like to be held but I like to be touching him at the same time if ya know what I mean.


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  • Wherever you want! He will be perfectly happy that you are touching him trust me. One interesting thing that I haven't had since I was in high school was I "dated" a girl (long story) and she would use her nails and lightly run them up and down my arm. It felt good.

    Anyways, when it comes to cuddling I'm the same way as you, I want my hands to be touching her. So I'll just put them wherever, on her leg, her arm, clasp our hands together. Any way that feels comfortable. It's not always possible to put your hand somewhere because it would be hard to reach or something. But yea I don't think it matters where. Anywhere is good. To me anyways lol.


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  • Just get comfortable with him don't worry about that.
    I never worried about where my hands go when I cuddle.. lol never paid attention!
    Just hug him or stroke his chest, arm. Wrap your arms around him, put your hands on his chest, belly, waist, butt, grab his butt lol play with his hands,
    Just go with the flow😉


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  • Put them wherever feels natural to you to put them, that's what I do just put them someplace comfortable or I'll run why fingers through her hair.

    • Yes. Fingers through the hair- omg. yes.

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    • It's my weakness. You could get me to do anything. I mean ANYTHING just by playing with my hair. I'm sure there are a lot of other girls like that too. Do guys like it though?

    • @beachflamingo Hah nice, noted, yeah most girls love it to some degree.

      Yeah we guys like it to it's very soothing and oddly comforting I quite enjoy it myself.

  • just but them wherever they feel comfortable


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  • If I'm the little spoon I usually hold his hands but if he's laying down face up I wrap my arm and leg around him and put my hand on his neck or chest.