I have issues with guys, and I want to fix them.

I have issues with guys, and I want to fix them. I guess I am dealing with them pretty well...but I read to much into things, when it comes to dating it could make me seems like someone I am not. I guess I can act controlling or extremal clingy, and b****y when I get like that I see my self getting hurt or I am already hurt. Or I am scared to get close so I told my self back for too long. I just want to talk about everything that has happen to make me get like this...but the people who understand I don't want to cling too and just pour everything out. The others just make me feel worst


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  • Your problem just not ready to start over again yet seems as if you need to be alone for a while until your secure with your self and life choices you make..

  • Are you just getting things off your chest or do you have a question?


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