Why do the prettiest girls , always say , I don't know why I'm single , and then after they say that they curve every single guy in the world 🌎 ?


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  • unless every guy she meets is a jackass. think of the bundles of men who just wanna test drive her

    make she thinks they're going out but in reality he lets her imagination take over to convince herself that they are an actual couple, so he can get her legs to open wide enough for him to get in and get out. if she's lucky, he might just say, " after all we've done (he means after he got to fuck you) i don't think i'm ready for a relationship."

    or the guys who just use her as a trophy.

    hell, if she dated those guys, guess who'd be in line to bash her for making bad choices... the guys. they are there when you choose them and they are there to ridicule your choices and they are still there to fault and blame you afterward.


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  • Okay, let it break this down. Now you have a girl that 7/10 or 9/10 who says this. She's single for two reasons 1) she's only good for sex cause she loves the attention of every guy but can't focus on one man. 2) the guy was never into her in the first place and knows it but stick with him in the first place.

    When she meet guys that are interested her. The guys don't meet her requirements. Depending on who she is it can be light skinned, tall, 6 pack, slick back hair, and narrow small blue eyes. Who is a bad boy and treat her like queen when he truly don't love her. Who ain't afraid to show his soft side that can protect her and same time is very confident buuuut he also has start drama other than that he's boring. There you go!!! ( don't take this seriously)


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  • I seriously have no clue if a guy is flirting with me or just trying to be friends unless he specifically says. It may seem like a friendzone guys, but I have no clue that I did it.

  • Swear it's not intentional... you never know what a girl has been through with another guy. It can be a defense mechanism. It can also be an unconscious action, as in we don't mean to do it, but it just happens.

  • Because were all human. I feel like no one ever approaches me or asks me out because they feel intimidated.


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