Is there a second chance after she rejected you?

I confessed to this girl after months of talking to her. She hasn't been responding my text over the last few weeks all of the sudden. So I opened myself to her, which I rarely do, and told her how I feel over IM. I know I shouldn't, given all the signs lately. But I don't wanna regret not telling her. Told her I may not look much right now, but I'm making something better for myself soon. And if she could take a chance on me. Got a reply the next morning and the first thing I woke up to. She said it's not that, it's just that she likes someone else already. I'm wondering if we ever cross paths again, is there a second chance after a girl rejected you?


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  • There is a odd chance but it is marginally low. Most people reject others for lack of chemistry or just overall sparks or attraction and chances that she'll wake up one day feeling that when originally she didn't, is very very low. Now the good news is, you tried. Now you know where you stand and you are brave for doing it. It takes courage to open yourself up and don't let it demotivate you from pursuing other girls.

    • During those few months I knew her, never have I acted like a jerk in any way. I mean, I tried being an honest guy. Even when she rejects me and broke my heart. I wasn't angry at her. If I was, then it's selfish of me because I'd want something back for myself. Instead I knew how I felt about her. Doesn't change the fact either way.

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  • Of course there's always a chance, but don't hang onto that. Just keep improving yourself, working on your career, working on your health, etc. and to be honest... you probably will forget all about her when you see all the opportunities that arise from your hard work.

    That said, if you're really stuck on a second chance, it does happen. I've seen it plenty of times where the woman actually makes a huge effort to track the guy down. In the three cases I'm thinking of, the girl had some bad relationships and I think she sort of romantically thinks back about the guy she turned down who would have done anything for her. Of course, this requires some pretty bad experiences on the girl's part, but I've seen it happen thrice in my limited lifetime so I know it must occur.