Would a guy be weirded out if a girl he didn't know and who is pretty shy sat beside him in class?

Just curious. We've exchanged glances a few times but beyond that, well... neither of us has really said a word to the other.

I am an extremely shy person, but I really want to at least try approaching him. Do you think it'd be creepy/weird/uncomfortable for him if I, say, sat next to him in class?


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  • If he already has a lady it could be a little uncomfortable for him if he thought you liked him but I'm just going to say I do not believe it'd be a problem. I'm fairly sure sitting next to a girl who likes you in most places and situations is something guys find pleasant. Not to mention the ego boost received from knowing someone likes you enough to try to be closer to you. Just don't wait to long to outright let him know that your interested in him or he might get himself another lady either without knowing you liked him that much or out of impatience. I have 2 lady friends who spent too long using hints the guys they were interested in didn't understand and generally dallying out of worry and shyness, it took them years to finally succeed with landing a date.

    • Yeah, that's what I'm scared of... even if he doesn't have a girlfriend, he could like someone else. Thanks for the helpful input! I hope it's true in this case that having someone like you is more flattering than creepy!


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  • Nothing weird about that

  • Absolutely not


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