What makes a girl a loser?

Or a guy too, but I'm looking for specifically a girl.


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  • not taking care of herself and being neglected. not having an opinion on her own unless someone puts it in her head. not having interests and hobbies, but just talking to her friends whole day doing nothing. not wanting to get a job and living on her parents'/boyfriends'/husbands' money. being superficial and just thinking about buying stuff and being pretty. and if her only interest is clubbing.

    • Love your answer!

    • Thank you. I wish more girls thought like this, but unfortunately there are many who don't...

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  • one that puts personal vanity before understanding the real world

    ... this can also ofcourse be true of guys


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  • When she has had a tough time in life but instead of getting up and getting on with things she wallows in self pity and/or blames everyone else for her own problems.

    Uneducated and stupid. I mean not just not finishing school but also having no common sense. You know, the really dumb ones that have to interest in educating themselves. Also women that think their sole point in existence is to pop out babies that they can't even afford.

    And unfortunately, physical ugliness too. Its a sad fact. But then again, it can mostly be remedied with a bit of work so I don't think this ones a big deal.


What Guys Said 2

  • Sluts around a lot.

  • For a man to be considered a loser by a woman:
    1. Born below 6'0" and not good looking
    2. A guy who does not have a GOOD, high paying job if he has average looks.

    For a woman to be considered a loser by men:

    1. She is on drugs and has no ambition in life other than to use her body in paying profession such as stripper, hooker, escort.

    2. Woman born really ugly (i'm talking 1/10).

    • I disagree with you completely

    • Well your entitled your own opinion but whatever.