He acts like my boyfriend but we aren't together anymore?

He cuddles, holds, calls me babe, make it seem like we are together to other people. BUT I don't know I feel he doesn't want me


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  • Why are you allowing him to do that if you aren't together? You can control people touching you. If it bothers you stop him. If it doesn't bother you it isn't an issue

    • What bothers me is he cuddles me but I just want sex. I don't want cuddles because "we aren't together " it didn't bother me until his neighbor friend buddy anyway said randomly "cuz she loves you"and I was drunk and drinking and I don't know I didn't even ask him did he love me. AND he was like I love you a little bit this was Halloween Monday. That's the only thing I remember from that night. THAT keeps playing in my head"I love you a little bit" to me that's a no. I don't know that keeps playing in my head "I love you a little bit" I dont want it to because I don't listen to most of things he says. IT'S convenient to be around him and his neighbors. His words just need to STOP 😒 LIKE I don't need them words I'm not your girl anymore it's convenient

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  • Don't allow him to