17 years old, promise ring for our 6 months?

I know what a lot of you are going to say. "You're too young." "Do you even know what a promise ring is?" Well, yeah. I do know what it is and what it symbolizes. And I do think it may sound crazy to hear about two 17 year olds getting promise rings for their 6 months.
I guess I just look at promise rings differently. I don't think that a single ring can determine an entire relationship. I don't think that a single ring will make or break a relationship (unless it's a wedding ring, of course). I simply just think that the idea of a promise ring is cute. When I say promise ring, I don't mean a $300 gold ring. Just any simple ring.
Anyway, my boyfriend and I are about to reach our six months. Now, we've been "official" for 6 months. But we've been BEST friends for over 3 years now. We know just about everything about each other, our relationship is just like our friendship 3 years ago, only now we kiss and do couple-things. So I guess it's pretty safe to say that we're comfortable around each other.
I'm in college, he's still in high school. (I do a program called dual enrollment where I can take college classes early). Where we go to school, doesn't change anything. We still see each other every day after school and/or work. Next year when college approaches him, he plans on going to the same community college as me, and we've been saving up to get a one bedroom apartment together. (It's actually a lot cheaper than living on campus).
Anyway, my overall question here is this:
Based on all you just read, do you still think it sounds really crazy to get promise rings together for our 6 months? Thanks guys! No hate, please. :)


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  • No, all a promise ring shows is that you are committed to your partner. Though I think you are very mature and have realistic plans, just don't get caught up and let it distract you from personal goals.


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  • You are NEVER too young. Do believe the hype of other people. However I suggest to not live together with just one bedroom apartment. And no, it is not crazy to do so if you both are really serious about one another. But if you know that you want to get married to him, just do it. Don't waste on living together before tying the knot if you too are looking for marriage. Overall get your priorities straight first and understand that there is no guarantee of anything. Because doing Dual enrollment will take up a lot of your time and energy. That's good to help you graduate faster and earlier depending on what your doing. But at the same time be wise about this. Also talk to your parents about your plans and situation if they don't know yet.


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  • a promise ring is not too young for a 17 yr old. its only when you get older you will realise you are now just the right age because older people dont bother with any of that stuff.


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  • No actually, I think its great you found someone so committed to you as you are to them

  • Its not a bad idea.
    But id wait for like the year milestone. 6 months is weird to celebrate

  • I thought promise rings were for teens though? Like adults would just get engaged or something? I think it's normal.

    • yeah thats what i thought

      thats why i said as much 6mins before you lol

    • @wankiam ah ok, didn't see that. I've never actually heard of people over a certain age getting them. It's nice for young people I guess, makes their relationship feel more significant to them.

    • yeah i guess so whereas adults get to share much more