Why does my boyfriend keep saying 'woo your bum is bigger' when he said how much he liked it before?

My partner and I have been together 3 years and at the start he always said he loved my bum and it was the best etc but recently he's being saying how great it is that it's apparently getting bigger? It's nice but I feel a bit silly because he's always said he liked my size and now he is saying he likes bigger bums? Was he lying to me when I first got with him or has his taste changed? I don't even think it's got bigger tbh


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  • Taste grows with a relationship. I was with someone for ten years and I loved her body when she was slender, but as she got older, she got more curvy and I loved that too. Appreciation of your partner does not have to stay static.


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  • Maybe he likes more than one thing, just like many of us do. It's normal.
    Or maybe he just likes YOUR ass, whether it's a pea or a watermelon.


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  • Well maybe he wanted to make you feel better about yourself which I don't think is bad and then when it got bigger he liked that more.

  • Maybe it has gotten bigger and he likes it!


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