Help!! What should I do? ?

Ok so I'm in 8th grade and me and this boy have been dating (y'all gonna say "dating") and he said he doesn't want to kiss until high school but that's pretty much still a year away so I don't know what to do cause I've been thinking for a while and I know for sure I do want to kiss him but high school is a long wait and what's the point in dating for like 10 months without kissing. Please help what should I do?


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  • Man this takes me back...
    Just know all the dating you do in middle school is experimental, you'll fuck up and you'll succeed, just keep on your feet and keep on marching


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  • you shouldn't be worried about that lol. if u dont wanna wait break it off, no harm no foul. but fr, you're only like what 13 ?14? dont stress it