Is it just me or guys like really skinny girls or them really fat.. I never see guys likeing a women in the middle?

I always see guys hitting on the skinny girls and the really fat girl but not a girl in a pants size 16 lol.. Im not single... so I was wondering do guys have a weight preference?


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  • i like women in general but thats just me


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  • I have a weight preference for non-obese women. I don't think it's too much to ask lol.

    • is a pants size 16 a too fat?

    • I'm not really familiar with women's pants sizes and I don't check any woman's pants size so I just go by how you look. Sorry I can't be anymore helpful than that.

  • I like slim or fit but not skinny or fat

    • Is a pants size 16 too fat?

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    • That's extreme, I'm thinking from between skinny and someone a little overweight, that size is obese

    • The size I said is more of what I would look at , more than that I won't give a second look

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  • When did a size 16 be considered "the middle" between skinny and fat? 16 might be average but it is way more toward one of those labels than the other.

    • I say size 16 not really fat or skinny since people are like 600 pounds and counting..