How to Treat My Emo Girlfriend?

So my girlfriend doesn't claim to cut to my face but one of her friends knows she does and claims to be the only person who knows. I don't want her to be doing it because I am concerned for her health but I don't want her to think her friend betrayed her. She is her closest friend so what she says as a lot of merit and I don't want them to fight. this is a real problem. what do I do?


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  • Find out where she cuts and then see the cuts for yourself

    • I "found out" today but she didn't want to tell me the only reason I was able to ask was because I felt them on her thighs when we were making out (she was wearing shorts they were just barely covered) and she didn't want me to notice. So now she knows I know so I don't have to lie but there's still the problem of me not wanting her to do it so what other ways to relieve depression

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  • You're gonna have to eventually choose between your girlfriend's well being, or betraying her friend's trust. You can't have both. It's either one or the other.

    • But how do I stop her from doing it. Last emo girl I dated refused no matter how I put it.
      I can only see it being harder to stop with people who don't do it for attention. If she wanted attention she would make it obvious. (She clearly does not)

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    • I honestly don't do it on purpose, I just end up dating emotionally unstable characters.

    • Then it's not really your place to complain ;D

  • Take her somewhere dark.