He likes me but I'm on the back burner?

I recently connected with a guy on OkCupid. The problem is that we don't live in the same states, so we're unable to meet up, however he and I really get along. We're flirtatious with each other, we compliment each other (he thinks I'm really beautiful), and we occasionally send each other Snaps through Snapchat. We've also FaceTimed as well and we can spend hours talking to each other.
He has told me that he met someone on OkCupid as well (before he and I decided to connect) and is basically is having a friends with benefits with her. He has told me that he has a crush on me, but because we're not close in distance he is putting her as his priority. He always refers to her as "his girl" but sometimes just calls me a "good friend". He said the only reason why they're not dating is because this girl is trying to focus on her schooling. He said maybe something might develop with her, maybe not, but basically if it doesn't work then he would try and build a more serious relationship with me.
What should I do? I have plans to move out of the state (even before this guy came into the picture), but I'm not sure if I should try and move closer to him or not.


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  • So basically you're his second option if things don't workout with her... Hell no lol walk away now and show him you deserve better than that.

  • So he’s temporarily putting your love life on hold in case it may or may not work out with the other girl. Instead of wasting your time being an option for this guy, you could be searching for someone else

  • He likes her.
    He says they are friends with benefits because that's what 'she wants (her school)' not his intention.
    He says maybe something might develop with her. He says that because he has feelings for her if he only considers her as friends with benefits he comes out clear that that's all going on between them. Never say 'there might be'.
    he's flat out saying you're his back burner and you really want to still consider him?
    Chances are he's not going to date you even after you move to his state. He probably is going to continue his friends with benefits relationship with her and if she ever wanted to have a relationship, possible he would pursue her.
    If he were in friends with benefits without feeling involved he would definitely dump her and date you. But sounds like he likes her..