I'm single, what do I do?

I'm a freshman and all my friends have girlfriends. They kiss around everywhere and they make out and stuff. I feel so lonely when I see them. I have a crush in one of my classes but she doesn't know that I exist. How do I get over the feeling of (being single) loneliness and get a girl. I want someone that I will have a long time with, because I'm not a player.


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  • First stop being idealistic, relationships aren't half as great as they seem. Second, the easiest way is going to parties, putting yourself out there, kissing a few wrong people and then finding the right one for you. Im a single freshman too and i guarantee there are more than enough parties and places to meet people. Take it lightly and have fun


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  • Disregard females, acquire gainz.

    • This is why I love the internet.


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  • What makes you think that your crush doesn't notice you? Have you ever talked to her or even tried to? When I have a crush.. I ignore them completely.. Like I mean I don't even look at them and just pretend no ones there, I don't do this purposely of course, it comes automatically which I hate

    • same things happen to me too, what do i do

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    • Every time i see her, i get nervous and I try to get out of the situation by ignoring her and looking away and stuff. becase of that i don't have a courage to go talk to her

    • Do you sit near her in class? If so you could always try leaving something purposely on yours desk when it's over and so she would probably try to return it and you could start to talk from there

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  • " I want someone that I will have a long time with " Gotta get outta high school for that nonsense.