He won't make time to see me unless I stop talking to him. What should I do?

I've been seeing a guy for a couple of months and while we're together he seems like he's crazy about me and talks about things we'll do months away, but, while he will text me all day, he has flaked out on plans with me multiple times and chooses hanging out with other people (going out partying with the guys) over me.

I've tried to let him go and move on but each time I try, and I mean go even two days without texting him, he freaks out and will immediately set aside hours (literally hours) to talk with me about how he loves spending time with me, how much he likes me, and doesn't want us to end... He tells me he'll put in more effort and pleads with me not to be mad with him...

But then, it goes back to how it was. I feel like he's taking me for granted and we're not even dating yet. What should I do?


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  • How many times are you going to keep being stupid and taking him back. His words are lies. Actions always speak the truth. If you haven't learned already it won't change so you have a decision

    • Yeah that's what I've told myself, but each time he would put in SO much effort to make sure I'd stay and he would seem so genuine that I would believe him. I guess I thought that if he didn't care he'd let me go...

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  • If he can't value you when you're around, do you really believe you need him? There's a difference between someone who talks to you in their free time and someone who makes time for you. He isn't worth it, he just doesn't want to lose you but he doesn't want to put the effort either. Not worth it.

    • That's exactly what I told him, and he just kept telling me that he has made time for me and that he thinks we're worth it...


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  • So you have to be the man in relationship and you are upset by this! Lol gtfo


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  • actions speak louder than words baby

    • I know, I've even said this to him. He's just fought so much for me to stay that I guess he keeps fooling me

    • I guess he likes to know that you are somehow "chasing" him and when you're not he comes back with a sweet talk to make you go back to him. Let him know that you don't like the way he's playing with your time. Either he makes plans and stick to them or let you move on and find someone that will be more than promises.