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Hey guys... so like I'm dating a naval officer and its only been 2 months... he's always away so we don't get to meet much but I love him a lot ! He's birthday is coming up this week and I thought of sending him something through mail like the 19th centuries... but I want to know what I should send him? I thought a cute card with a pop up heart inside would do the trick since I can't spend too much because and I don't want to be too sentimental because this is just new... and I can't like send him food, nor clothing so what do you'll think I should do?


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  • Send him a picture of a Marine and dress blues and tell him he should of joined the men's department of the Navy. J/k baha. It's dependent on him as a person and not really his military status. If he was on deployment then I could recommend some care package ideas but other than that, you know him better than anyone here. Letters were always nice though. I appreciated letters when I was in the military.

  • send him a picture of you doing something like cooking breakfast and on the back say something like ( looking forward to doing this with you the morning after you get home and then tell him you love him. ) its cheep , it shows your thinking of him and care.


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