Not want... I need help?

Hey guys I'm dating a naval officer and its amazing but like since this is the 21st century I'm scared that things would go wrong as in even though its the 21st century they don't get to use smart phones... so like we talk everyday at least for an hour but like sometimes it's just a blunt conversation and I'm scared that it'll get boring because we just talk for an hour everyday or less... how should I spice things up? I've been knowing him for an year or so but I've been with him for 2 months, like after he joined the navy it seems like we're running out of things to talk about :/ and I get to see him once in three months for two days max :/ I really do love him and I wanna work on this... tell me what I should do please


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  • Do u want to date me


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  • Ask him interesting questions. Don't make only small talk.

    • Like what kind of things... I already know most of the things he like...:3 and for him is the usual schedule :/ and sometimes I feel like I'm the only one talking because he doesn't have anything new to talk about