Was this sweet or creepy what I did?

I drove up to another state to ask a girl to prom. We lost our virginities to each other less than a year prior, but she never wanted a relationship with me.

She was 17 and I was 21. I dressed up in a pizza delivery uniform and inside the pixza box was a cookie cake asking her to prom. I was going to have her "check her order" to see if kt was right. When I opened the box, it would reveal the cookie cake and I would reveal who I was.

Her dad answered and found out who I was and had me arrested.

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  • It's a sweet gesture, but you're a total stranger, which makes it creepy


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  • Sweet gesture but use it on a girl your own age. Then you won't get arrested for it.

    • 2mo

      She was my age

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    • 2mo

      Mental age

    • 2mo

      There is no such thing mate. It has to be her actual age for her to date you.
      All adults are mentally teenagers but they are still adults.

  • Nobody likes a stalker.