Is it normal for guys to get pissed about you having to back out of a date?

I've known this guy for a while, and we've been casual friends all along, but on Friday things got a little steamy between us... nothing major, just some moderate petting. Afterwards he texted me to tell me that even though he hadn't let on before he was definitely interested in me, to which I said the feeling was mutual, and we planned a walk in the park this week. He was being very sweet. Stupid me forgot that I had a prior obligation that day that, simply put, my professor would kill me if I backed out of, and so I apologized to my guy friend and said I'd have to take a rain check, offering to meet another day. That was at noon and he's left me on read since then. Do you think he's angry with me? Because I do. And is it normal to get that upset when someone has to back out of a date? I just don't understand what transpired.


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  • Did you actually offer to meet another day, or literally say "maybe another day". It might have come across as if you had a change of heart, however, I think he may have overreacted a bit. He probably backed off to protect his ego and feelings. Whats going through his mind is this, "I admitted my feelings to her, she said she had the same. Then, just as we are supposed to go out, she cancels on me and says maybe another day. Maybe she had a change of heart, I guess she really didn't like me. I should probably just stop talking to her for a bit because I would seem desperate."

    Solution, well, tell him the truth. Tell him what happened, and instead of offering "another day" say, Tuesday at 12 or whatever. Show him you truly were sorry and want to go out again. A specific day shoes that there really was an issue. Anytime a girl tells me she can't come and doesn't give a specific day but more of a general idea, I take it as a fuck off type of thing.

    • Thank you so much for such an in-depth answer! I really appreciate it. I did tell him that I was free all day Friday and during the weekend, but I didn't give a specific time for any day because I guess I kind of figured if I threw a wrench in his original plans he shouldn't have to shuffle his schedule for the actual date. :)

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  • He probably thinks you aren't interested. You should have given him an exact date for when you are free. You should have said, "I was too excited to go on that walk for that I forgot my professor has me busy then. Are you free on? Again I'm sorry. Can't wait until we can go😉"

    • Thank you for such a good answer! I should clarify I gave him a few dates that I was free all day, but didn't give a specific time for them. I guess I'm still getting used to this guy thing. Thanks again?

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    • Excellent idea! I'll do just that! Thank you!!!

    • You're welcome:)

  • He probably isn't upset at you as much as he is just disapointed with the circumstances. Give him time and if you don't hear anything by tomorrow, offer him specific plans again.