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So last night I drunk texted this guy I've been hooking up with on and off for the past 6 months around 2 am, he never replied and an hour later as I was on the train headed back home I called him. He picked up right away and sounded pretty drunk as well. I asked him where he was and he told me I should come meet him and then handed his phone over to his friends which I didn't realize at first because I was drunk. Then when he was finally back on the phone, I hear a girl in the background with them and laughter. He was talking to her as he was on the phone and I got mad and said "okay bye" and then he said "ok byeee" and hung up. Like what the hell? Why answer the phone? Felt like that was a way of him telling me to fuck off. Like him showing me that he's busy? But then why not just make it easy and just ignore the phone call? why pick up?

My friend who was with me that night thought that I was overreacting because I was drunk and she thinks he was drunk as well and picked up to make it seem like where ever he was he was having a fun time and wanted to show me that. But I think that he was trying to diss me and pretty much tell me that he doesn't want to be bothered.


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  • No, you are over thinking this and picking a fight. Drunk drunk drunk, that is what this was.


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  • I think if he's a hook up you're over reacting. Until you're in an exclusive relationship he can do whatever he wants with whoever, and he may not have looked at the phone before answering you or he simply may not care.
    Not to mention you're both inebriated and not thinking your actions through

  • You were drunk and overreacting. So he's out with a girl there. Doesn't mean anything