I just got a girl's number last night! What should I do?

So last night I was at a bar and me and this girl sitting next to me hit it off really well she gave me her number and her Facebook I'm trying to figure out what should I do now should I text her or should I call her and what should I text or what should I say when I call her. Also she was with her friend and her friend even took a liking to me and gave me her Facebook page her friend even invited me to come out to their town to hang out with them. We didn't schedule anything I think she was just talking but I figured I'd let you know just in case it has some relevance.

Got her number 11/6/16

It is not 11/7/16


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  • You should text her. And after a conversation or two via text, add her on Facebook.

    Don't wait so it's not "weird."

    My dad got my mom's number and called her the very next day and now they're married so obviously the waiting around calculation game is flawed and stupid :p


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  • Don't call yet. Send her a very casual text to initiate conversation, wait a day or two as well.

  • Me personally getting a girl's phone number doesn't mean anything unless you're able to convert those numbers into dates, because a lot of girls will give out their number and they will either flake or they won't respond