Initiating texting after the second date?

Been on two dates within the space of 1 week with a guy I met over Tinder. Nice guy, been quite a bit of text chat in between. Second date we went for a walk in the country, drink at a pub then he cooked dinner at his and watched a film. I had a really lovely time. I drove home after because I had a really bad cough and also I didn't want anything to happen on the second date. He walked me to the car, we kissed, he parted saying 'see you soon' and I left. Today is the day after, not heard anything and wondering if okay for me to send the first text, partly to say thanks as he cooked dinner and paid for the drinks at the pub, I also wasn't feeling too great at end with my cough and left probably before I might otherwise have done? He initiated messaging in the first place and also suggested both dates, texting immediately after the first to say he'd had a nice time. Should I still expect him to initiate again?


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  • I think maybe you should text him. It's a little hard for us guys sometimes as we don't want to come across as needy, or like we have nothing to do. He might just be waiting a bit to text you. If you want to text him I'm sure he wouldn't mind, and might even like it.


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  • I think you should be the one to initiate the second date.

    • Thanks for taking the time comment. We had the second date on Sunday so I was unsure as to whether it was now okay for me to initiate texting him. I had just sort of assumed I would hear from him yesterday, but now thinking I should be proactive and not keep leaving it to him! #overthinking!