Why do men make fun of you or bully you?

im not sure whats going on?

this guy is constantly making fun of me, makes little sarcastic remarks at my expense. im not sure if its "flirting"? i know men constantly shit on each other and its done out of affection.

but when a guy does it to a girl, it's a bit off putting. i know women shit test men all the time but is this guy just a doofus or asshole?


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  • That doesn't sound like flirting. It sounds like him being mean. Guys with other guys? Yeah, we do that all the time. But with girls? Nope. At least I'd never do that.

    • thats what i thought. guys always treated me with kid gloves. not this one.

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    • so i ignore and dont mouth back. its so hard for me. i have to have the last word

    • You're so like me. Probably why we get along. I know it's tough. Sit on your hands. ;)

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  • Like what did he say? I remember once my crush was joking around in 8th grade, saying how my neck is really long and my nose is really big. Still hurts. However, he did really like me, and asked me out again a month ago -we are both 23 now haha. I think that sadly they are just idiots who don't know any better. Personally, I wouldn't want to date someone who makes me feel bad, even if it's all just in jokes.

    • yeah exactly, i dont want to either. i think i'm going to say, this isn't fun anymore

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    • i completely agree with oyu. i need someone nice. not just in a partner, but also in a friend

    • Exactly! Never give up. Don't trap yourself in a relationship with a mean person just because you feel lonely, you will definitely meet someone who loves the ground you walk on.

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  • I like making the casual sarcastoc remark and maybe a chirp here or there but if it's constant that's just plain rude

    • yeah i dont mind one or two comments, i can take a dig and throw it back. it's like he's just rude and moody. LIKE A GIRL.

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    • Smart move, but if you do kinda like him tell him he has to stop or he doesn't have a chance with you!

    • i just said yeah its not fun anymore, it was funny at first but

  • Because those guys are assholes.


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