Girls, What makes you stop liking a guy?

Let's say you had a crush on a guy, or were at a stage we you had mutual attraction and were flirting. What are some things he could do or ways he could act that would make you stop liking him?


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  • Bad hygiene is a deal breaker for me. There was a guy in my class who I really liked until he came to a party w/really bad B/O. I lost attraction to him instantly and never looked at him the same. That is the only instance where I instantly stopped liking him, in most cases the crush just fades.

  • When he's playing games like fuck outta here with that lmao go back to kindergarten.

    • Omg, its SO annoying when guys do this. If you like me just be a straight about it lol. I don't know how goes who do that started thinking its a good idea

    • Yeah just ignore them right back when they do that stupid ish