Does sleepover with no sex mean that he really likes me?

I dated this guy over the summer and after a misunderstanding on both parts it fizzled out. Last week I texted him asking what he was up to for Halloween and he invited me over to a mini party at his house. Later we left and went out and he told me he was glad I texted him and he really liked me and wanted to see me this weekend. After that we texted every day until we went out on a date on Friday. I ended up sleeping over at his place because he said I wasn't good to drive home. We didn't have sex - he didn't even try to do anything sexual other than makeout and cuddle. The next morning he said he wanted us to go to the beach but I already had plans with my friends so I had to go but said I'd text him later to see if we could meet up, to which he said "I hope so!"
Afterwards, I texted him that night asking if he wanted to come out with my friends and I and he said yes and met up with us. We went bar hopping and I could tell he was making an effort to make my friends like him. Later, he asked if I wanted to come back to his so we could watch a movie and he could order some food for us. I said yes and spent the night at his place again. He said he saved my toothbrush and tshirt for me and later he told me again that he really liked me and even joked that we should go on a vacation together. We didn't have sex again, just cuddled and kissed all night and while I was pretending to be asleep he kept kissing my cheeks and forehead. The next morning he woke up early to cancel golf plans with his friends so he could stay in with me. He made me breakfast and played some nice music in the kitchen while singing to me. After he said there was no rush for me to go home, but I still called my sister to come get me. when I left his house we kissed and he said "see you soon." I'm super excited to see him again. I'm wondering if it means that he may be interested in a relationship with me, since I slept over his place 2 nights in a row and he didn't even try to have sex?


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  • He's interested


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  • It sounds like the start to a beautiful relationship. It seems like he wanted to connect with you on a personal level... not just make you a one night stand. Building a connection with someone before sex is a magical experience... and it makes the sex so much more. Expect some passion in there.