Had a great date?

i said sleep well , he says "you too i had great time tonight ! get home safe".
like he getting out of the military for good on December
then he texted me next day hey whats up
then he acting all tired stuff , so i text him today like hello there no response why?
like he disappear for no reason
do you think he busy bc of getting out military for good is a lot of work?


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  • I'm currently still active in marines and I see myself doing this all the time , for instance Im 25 been in for 3-1/2 years and have to be treated like a child plus formations and classes and occasional upcoming field ops and morning PT. I find myself blocking out people close to me and develop a negative attitude. Schedules are different depending on mos


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  • He is either extremely busy or he doesn't give a shit. I'd assume the second. I always assume the second.


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  • Getting out of the military is to a lot of work as the sun is to a lit match. He's busier than a greased up priest on E and Viagra at a cub scout meeting.

  • Its a difficult transition at times


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