Should I even be hopeful if a guy asked me out a 3rd time while canceling the first two already?

We never met. We've been talking on Facebook for a few months now. We briefly saw each other on the street once so we both know what one looks like in person. We get along super well online, long conversations and similar interests. Thing is, he has asked me out twice so far... ALL his iniative, and saying how excited he was and blahblah, and both times hours before work always came up. He works pizza place, last time he said a worker didn't show, which could be the truth, I really don't know. The other time he found out he had to open at 5am so we didn't meet that night. Now, he asked me again for this weekend... said it's definitely going to happen... but I'm just not enthusiastic or hopeful like I was before? His last cancellation, a week ago, really bummed me out. The other one was over a month ago. What are the chances he will actually meet me this time? Silly to be slightly hopeful? 3rd time's a charm?


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  • no u shouldn't


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  • Dude, he cancelled two dates and yet you set another date? Does he have the golden penis or something?

    • No, I just don't take things in life so seriously. He apologized profusely both times, we get along great, I still want to meet him, I have nothing else going on, so why not? I'm not going to let me ego get in the way and be all "no! F you! You cancelled twice!" when there could be any reasons behind it. I've cancelled on a guy 3 times before seeing him before. Life happens.