Would you say this sums up dating in today's world?

Would you say this sums up dating in today's world?

A buddy of mine posted this on Facebook. It seems like a lot of times people go through one of these scenarios. Or at least one of these with different people. What are your thoughts?


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  • Yeah, lots of immature men and women act like this. On the other hand though, if someone is treating you so obviously disrespectfully it's partly on you to stand up for yourself and not stay in that situation.

    • Yeah, especially when someone acts hot and cold consistently. It's even worse when you feel compatible with that person.

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    • I think someone flaking on you says more about what's wrong with them than you though. I mean, not really that something's wrong with them, but that they were looking for something and thought you were it and realized that you weren't. There's generally nothing you can do to change that and it's just them not being certain that you're the right fit. It sucks a lot but I don't think it's your (the person who was flaked on) fault. It also sucks that you have yet to meet the person who is as interested in you as you are in them. Good luck, stay positive and keep trying! You sound like a mature reasonable person and I'm sure eventually you'll meet someone who is right for you. :)

    • Yeah it probably means something is wrong with them, whether they're not sure of what they want, found someone they liked better, or you just didn't fit their criteria but yeah like I said, it's just frustrating when it happens so often. I've dated plenty but never had a real relationship. Not that I'm desperate for one.

      And thanks for the kind words. I'll PM you though.


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  • For a man that's not interested in single mothers or fat girls, it's more like this:


    • Have those been the types pursuing you?

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    • Then they've got some kind of mental or emotional issue. She might not show it at first, it might take YEARS to come out, but it's there.

    • Sometimes, yep